Leverage the full potential of your new software.

The term “software solution” can be a little misleading, because software is just part of the solution. To truly work for you, new EHR systems must be correctly configured so they can be integrated into your workflows and interface with your other platforms. In our over two decades of serving customers in the behavioral health field, these are some common challenges they’ve faced:

  • They’ve added EHR software capabilities to support their operations, but too often the software wasn’t implemented or set up correctly.
  • The data equation has become more complex as they’ve grown, complicating the EHR conversion process. Maybe data isn’t stored correctly making it difficult to access and migrate to the new platform. Sometimes, the data itself has become degraded or corrupted.
  • They’ve added a new EHR software program and are struggling with multiple applications that can’t share information, resulting in duplicative efforts and an increased error rate.

Working more efficiently is what we’re all about. We’ve worked in behavioral health agencies and have been where you are. We are experts who know software functionalities and capabilities inside and out. This puts us in a unique position to not only understand and appreciate the challenges and the issues behavioral health organizations face, but how to best leverage software tools to help our clients hurdle these challenges.

Here are just some ways we can help organizations with their EHR conversion:

  • Defining data requirements
  • Data mapping
  • Determining the integrity of existing data
  • Enhancing data capture, storage, and retrieval
  • Configuring software capabilities to best support the organization

Want to find out how we can help you with your conversion challenges and make your EHR a success?

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