Identify gaps and create efficiencies.

Do you know the health of your organization? Operations are dynamic and practices can shift over time. Healthcare organizations must consistently assess their manual and system processes and procedures to ensure they are efficient, effective, and secure. Regular process analysis can help protect against the unexpected, protecting both the organization and the clients it serves.

We work with our customers to thoroughly analyze their work flows and PHI touchpoints. As experts in behavioral health best practices and multiple software platforms, we can help you:

  • Determine gaps and improvement areas across all functional areas.
  • Make specific recommendations and help you with implementation and training.
  • Ensure you are appropriately managing PHI safety and security against access needs.
  • Identify opportunities for enhanced system configuration and functionality.

If you haven’t taken a close look at your workflows in a while, or if you’re planning to introduce changes to your existing EHR platforms or processes, a process analysis can give you the knowledge you need to initiate needed changes or enhancements.

Want to learn how detailed EHR analysis can benefit your organization and help make your EHR a success?

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