The BIS Difference

As a behavioral health organization, you face many challenges in the proper management of your electronic health record (EHR) – complying with the latest protected health information (PHI) administrative and regulatory requirements, stretching your budget dollars, and fully equipping your providers and staff to do their jobs. We know that software is only part of your EHR management solution.

We believe the strongest organizations have the right people, processes, and support systems. Each agency has its own unique set of challenges. We are not software vendors tied to a single product but behavioral health experts who have walked in your shoes. Through our individualized support and consultation, we bring a fully integrated approach to our work, partnering with you to identify the software solution that best addresses your needs. Then, we provide the training that fully equips you and your staff to take full advantage of its capabilities.  As an organization, you’ll be more client-focused, more efficient, and more profitable.

When your people are equipped to fully understand, work with, and grow with your EHR software solution, they are happier, more productive, and your agency benefits through higher quality documentation, more accurate record-keeping, and improved ability to serve your clients. And what’s better, because we are not tied to a single platform, we can expertly work with your particular software solution.

We can help in the following areas:

How Can We Help Your Organization?

We’d like to learn more about you and the challenges you are facing, and how we can help.