Netsmart myEvolv EHR Guide

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At Netsmart, improving care delivery isn’t just their aspiration, it’s their passion.

For more than 50 years, they’ve been a healthcare software company developing technology and providing services that support individualized care and improve outcomes.

Throughout Netsmart, associates with clinical backgrounds help shape the Netsmart technologies we create. They collaborate with organizations and partner with our clients across the care spectrum to anticipate challenges, identify obstacles and recognize new opportunities as healthcare evolves. They continuously strive to advance our Netsmart technologies and offerings beyond the EHR by embracing new technology trends that empower you to provide the best possible care.


myEvolv® is an ONC-certified electronic health record (EHR) with comprehensive clinical, financial and operational features. It was designed specifically for organizations serving children and families, intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), autism services, and behavioral health. The platform is comprised of simplified evaluation tools that enable real-time access to individual records – from anywhere.


  • Designed specifically for individuals with autism spectrum disorder diagnoses
  • Case coordination across programs, providers and communities
  • Support for person-centered care in a range of settings and connects data from individual support plans to program plans and staff members’ documentation
  • Real-time clinical management, billing and reporting functions deliver the full benefits of Multisystemic Therapy® (MST)


  • Provides real-time access to individuals’ records, from the office or the field
  • Supports documentation and procedures for evidence-based programs
  • Supports electronic medication administration record (eMAR) and e-prescribing
  • Tracks service effectiveness by individual person served, staff member, program and agency as a whole
  • Reporting and data collection for interconnected measures simplify transition to performance-based care models
  • Determines the appropriate payer rate based on the individual’s coordination of benefits
  • Supports the complex billing requirements of Medicare and state Medicaid

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