EHR compliance and management is a massive undertaking. Your firm may not have the internal knowledge for how to successfully review, train, implement, report, and analyze EHR activities. There are a small group of the best EHR consultants out there who can step in and assist with short or long-term EHR projects. We’re one of them!

Supporting organizations is really at the heart of everything we do.  Our support services are designed to meet our customers’ individual needs and can be delivered onsite or remotely.

Because of our own behavioral health background, we look at everything through the lens of the customer, and our services have been developed in direct response to agency needs. Just as our customers are focused on the long-term health and self-sufficiency of their clients, our goal is to help build healthy and self-sufficient organizations.

If you are a behavioral health or addiction treatment organization, we can help you become more effective, efficient, and client-centered. Our response is customized based on your pain points.

We are focused on our customers. Our process starts with a simple needs assessment. This is our opportunity to learn more about each other and discuss your challenges in depth.

Based on our discussion, we’ll make informed and objective recommendations on the processes and software solutions that will best address your needs, always with an eye on your resources and budget.

We support you through planning and implementation. Our experts will equip your people with the training and support they need to be successful. Our relationship doesn’t end there. We will be there for you long after the project ends – whenever you need us.

So how do you know when it’s time to bring in EHR consultants to help out? Here are a few times when it’s best to use an EHR consultant instead of working through issues yourself:

Process Reviews & EHR Analysis

We help you take a fresh look at your existing processes and technology and propose ways you can be more efficient and effective while reducing expenses.

Do you know the health of your organization? Operations are dynamic and practices can shift over time. Healthcare organizations must consistently assess their manual and system processes and procedures to ensure they are efficient, effective, and secure. Regular process analysis can help protect against the unexpected, protecting both the organization and the clients it serves.

We work with our customers to thoroughly analyze their work flows and PHI touchpoints. As experts in behavioral health best practices and multiple software platforms, we can help you:

  • Determine gaps and improvement areas across all functional areas.
  • Make specific recommendations and help you with implementation and training.
  • Ensure you are appropriately managing PHI safety and security against access needs.
  • Identify opportunities for enhanced system configuration and functionality.

EHR Training

We partner with people, not platforms. Your EHR software may be capable, but it is your people who will ensure the success of your organization. That’s why we are true believers in the importance of effective training as part of every software project.

Our EHR trainers work with you to identify process and training gaps and develop a tailored curriculum designed with your people and specific software configuration in mind.

EHR Conversion

The term “software solution” can be a little misleading, because software is just part of the solution. To truly work for you, new EHR systems must be correctly configured so they can be integrated into your workflows and interface with your other platforms. In our over two decades of serving customers in the behavioral health field, these are some common challenges they’ve faced:

  • They’ve added EHR software capabilities to support their operations, but too often the software wasn’t implemented or set up correctly.
  • The data equation has become more complex as they’ve grown, complicating the EHR conversion process. Maybe data isn’t stored correctly making it difficult to access and migrate to the new platform. Sometimes, the data itself has become degraded or corrupted.
  • They’ve added a new EHR software program and are struggling with multiple applications that can’t share information, resulting in duplicative efforts and an increased error rate.

Reporting & EHR Development

We develop customized and actionable reporting solutions to ensure you have the information you need to operate better and more efficiently.

Reporting puts key information in a clear and actionable format in front of managers and decision makers. Or at least, it should. With the rapid internal and external changes that are part of the behavioral health and substance abuse treatment landscape, report requirements change. That’s where we can help.

Change and growth are never easy. We know. As behavioral health veterans, and in our over 20 years at BIS, we’ve been through many of our own milestones and challenges. Our unique skill set and first hand experience put us in an ideal position to successfully guide behavioral health and addiction treatment organizations through times of challenge, change, and growth. EHR development is one of our core offerings.

Our consultants work with organizations to fully assess their capabilities, resources, growth areas and any existing gaps. Then we leverage our extensive industry and organizational knowledge to identify key emerging challenges and create a clear plan forward – one that is workable and makes sense.

Software Evaluation

Whether you want to make your existing software more effective or are looking for a new software solution, we can help you make informed choices and find the best solutions.

A software platform can’t stand alone. To work for you it needs to be effectively integrated with your people and processes. We are experts in the behavioral health field, have used and understand the EHR software we support, and know how to best leverage its capabilities to benefit your organization.

Your organization is unique. That’s why our approach starts with a thorough understanding of your challenges and needs. Only then do we work with you on a customized roadmap that is clear and concise.

Post-Implementation Support

Our experts are there to meet your training and support requirements whenever you need us.

A software platform can’t stand alone. To work for you it needs to be effectively integrated with your people and processes. We are experts in the behavioral health field, have used and understand the EHR software we support, and know how to best leverage its capabilities to benefit your organization.

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