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Your Visual Health Record Is Here…

EchoVantage is Echo’s fiscal application.

The Visual Health Record (VHR) compiles volumes of data that typically live in layers of navigation, spreadsheet views, and arcane codes, and presents it in an at a glance, understandable visual format.

This Visual Electronic Health Record (EHR) is amazingly intuitive and enormously flexible with a user group specific chart and relevant data presented in a time line view with simple and understandable icons and bars to convey information.

EchoVantage also applies the power of visual to your billing workflow, streamlining and simplifying a complex and convoluted process so you can recover every penny you’re entitled to for the services you provide. This Fiscal VantagePoint functions as a central workspace for your billing processes.

Everything you need to complete any billing task is accessible from this screen. Configurable graphs alert you to which billing tasks are your priorities and where you need to focus your attention.

Visual Health Record

Visual Health Record is an intuitive and flexible workspace. Relevant data is presented in a time line view with simple and understandable indicators to instantly convey information.

The Echo Visual Health Record offers a visual and person-centered work-space unlike anything else in the industry.

In the typical system, people often can’t remember where the information they need now is hidden. The data they need is tucked away in that navigation of layered screens, tabs, columns and row of code-based data. If they do recall where to find the information, many mouse clicks make that data not actionable for clinical work, true alerting, and decision support.

In response to this frustration, Echo has created a solution called EchoVantage. It is an amazingly intuitive and flexible tool with a user-group specific chart and supporting data in an easy to understand timeline. For further ease of use, every point in this timeline is actionable, eliminating the need to drill through numerous screens. EchoVantage allows you to do what’s most important… spend more time with your client rather than your computer.

The Echo Group’s electronic health record is called the Visual Health Record, or VHR. The VHR takes the data that typically lives in layers of navigation, spreadsheet views, and arcane codes, and presents it in an at a glance, understandable, visual format.

The relevant data is presented in a time line view with simple and understandable icons and bars to instantly convey critical information. Getting details often requires only one click on this timeline providing you with immediate access to the data that drives the VHR.

Workflow and alerting are natural to the layout of the system. Different parts of the chart are fully integrated and organized along the timeline and in relationship to each other lending true clinical understanding.

Designed To Match Your Workflow

Ease of configuration includes our form design tool and SSRS report creator. Your workflow is our system.

Mobile Assessments

Enhance client engagement by deploying at a kiosk, or on an iPad or tablet. Utilize in the waiting room or send to a client’s own phone for regular check in.


Expand your agency’s reach by enabling clinicians to easily connect with clients no matter where they are with Echo’s TeleHealth solution. TeleHealth capabilities reduce client no-shows, increase productivity, and encourage better trust and peace of mind for the client.

The Benefits of TeleHealth

  • 100% HIPAA-compliant audio and video. All data is HIPAA secure and the technology meets or exceeds all U.S. government requirements without compromising ease-of-use
  • TeleHealth visits consistently average single no-show rates
  • Industry-leading 99.85% successful connection rate (instant support available in the rare case someone has trouble)
  • Connect on a fraction of the bandwidth required by competitors while still maintaining HD quality video
  • Clients and providers can be anywhere
  • Any device with an internet connection can connect

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