Dr. Cloud EHR Guide

Disclaimer: Behavioral Information Systems, LLC is an independent consultant and we work often with many EHR systems. We do not endorse or exclusively work with any one EHR. The information on this page is provided directly from the system’s marketing website unless otherwise noted.

DrCloudEHR™  Integrated Care solution can be customized to fit any workflow. It has proven itself indispensable among primary care, behavioral health, substance use/addiction centers, residential and outpatient clinics, drug/alcohol rehab centers, relapse, addiction and recovery centers, long-term care centers, mental health therapists, and countless other health and human service organizations.

Clinical Features

DrCloudEHR™ includes hundreds of forms designed to address every encounter with the patient. Our library includes state and government required forms. Our dynamic library of goals and objectives terms provides support to the clinician during the evaluation and helps to streamline the clinical documentation process.

Our forms include:

  • Assessments and Intakes
  • Treatment Plans
  • Psychiatric Evalutions
  • Progress Notes
  • Discharge Summaries

Workflow Management

DrCloudEHR™ tracks all clinical notes with reminders when they are due for review or updates. We move forward all relevant data across selected forms to assist providers with clinical evaluations. Users can easily create custom workflows for every visit category. Various forms and surveys can be populated onto the Patient Portal for completion, and signature. Our intuitive and easy-to-use application automatically generates alerts and reminders then populates relevant data for providing clinical decision support.

Highlights include:

  • Customize Workflows
  • Rule Based Documentation
  • Define Mandatory Data Fields
  • Obtain Patient Electronic Signatures

Safe & Secure

DrCloudEHR™ is safe and secure. Our application is hosted at Microsoft Azure Datacenters with off-site backup options and local redundant systems. Our application is fully HIPAA compliant, Our customers have achieved CARF accreditation using DrCloudEHR™. Your DrCloud can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, by any mobile device including: iPad, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and more.

Login options include:

  • Login From Anywhere, internet access not required for tablets & laptops!
  • Use ANY Mobile Device
  • Fully Safe & Secure
  • Role-Based Login

Appointment and Schedule Management

Our robust multi-provider, multi-location, color coded scheduler includes multiple views for day/week/month. Users can schedule groups and individual sessions, print appointment slip, and search for next available appointment to maximize productivity. We track Prior Authorizations (PAN) by Sessions, Amount, and Units. The system generates automatic email alerts and notifications to admin/clinical staff when reaching pre-defined levels of PAN for each appointment category.

Highlights include:

  • Search for next available appointment
  • Billing rules attached to the appointment
  • Color coded by appointment category
  • Multiple views by location, provider, program, etc.
  • Appointment status with icons

E-Prescription Support

We offer ePrescribing through DrFirst. Our ePrescribing module enables providers to prescribe medications, retain medication history in patient chart, and check for drug-drug/drug-allergy/drug-formulary interactions based on patient’s current medications and diagnosis. DrCloudEHR™ supports the prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) via the DrFirst’s Rcopia® interface to the EPCS Gold™ 2.0 system. The system includes a complete e-MAR module for medication management and enables the recording of medications administered to the patient (time, type, dosage, staff name, etc.).

Highlights include:

  • Drug and Allergy Interaction
  • ePrescription Controlled Substances
  • Monitoring of Script Delivery
  • Formulary Complianceci.

Revenue Cycle

Our application includes an integrated rule based billing engine that is linked to the scheduler and to the service provided to the patient. The system generates unlimited number of financial reports that can be easily exported to Excel or a csv format. DrCloudEHR™ generates 837 Professional and Institutional as well as UB-04 claim formats. The 835 remittance report can be uploaded to the A/R for patient account reconciliation. We also support 277/278 Patient Eligibility Verification transactions.

Highlights include:

  • Generates 837 Professional (CMS 1500) and Institutional (UB-40) claims
  • Automatic payment posting
  • Prior audit of claims with error reports
  • Limitless financial reports

Document Management

DrCloudEHR™ enables users to easily edit, create, and populate unlimited consent forms and capture patients and staff electronic signatures. Forms can be also populated onto the Patient Portal for review and signature. In addition, users can send/receive faxes electronically directly from/to the patient chart. We also added scanning capabilities so users can attach documents to a virtual file cabinet of documents and images including: lab results, legal documents, hospital discharge notes, etc, which can be viewed with a click of a button at anytime from anywhere.

Highlights include:

  • Virtual file cabinet with multiple directories of scanned documents
  • Generate and maintain consent forms with electronic signatures
  • eFax capabilities right from the patient chart

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