Credible EHR Guide

Disclaimer: Behavioral Information Systems, LLC is an independent consultant and we work often with many EHR systems. We do not endorse or exclusively work with any one EHR. The information on this page is provided directly from the system’s marketing website unless otherwise noted.

EHR software should not just help one part of your organization. It should provide improved efficiencies and processes across the entire company. That is why Credible’s software is built and designed to help you whether you work in the Clinical, Financial, IT, or Executive department of your practice. With their expanding suite of services, we don’t dictate. We collaborate.


We understand your world. We’re here to simplify it.

The whole idea is to put a world of functionality and simplicity at your fingertips. Clinicians lead a hectic life. A secure, web-based, user-friendly, infinitely configurable EHR platform can make all the difference.

Name your clinical task, Credible makes short work of it.

From “Welcome to our clinic” to “It’s been our pleasure, let’s arrange aftercare,” Credible can be configured to your exact tasks and workflow. Conduct assessments, develop treatment plans, document interventions, track progress, monitor compliance – and keep everyone on your team up to speed on every action and transaction. All in real-time. Need the added convenience of going mobile? No problem, take Credible’s functionality out in the community when your care demands it.

Credible empowers your clinical staff to:

  • Track critical client/consumer information
  • View critical client information in a user-friendly format
  • Seamlessly view documentation, treatment plans, ISPs, and demographic data
  • Customize and configure views and priorities
  • Maintain client and employee records
  • Integrate data and forms that eliminate duplicate entry
  • Conduct clinical assessments, intakes, and other critical documentation
  • Manage authorizations
  • Document, review and approve services/encounters
  • Analyze staff productivity, outcomes, and critical data
  • Import/export data
  • Go mobile without losing functionality


Solutions grounded in a strategy of improving your organization’s workflow.

A benefit of a Partnership-based philosophy: mutual trust yields outstanding results – from a business standpoint, and from a client outcome standpoint.

Our configurability impacts your profitability.

Credible software was originally designed for success with Fee-for-Service agencies and with the input of many users over the years, we now manage value-based payment models and grant-funded organizations as well. The flexibility to configure their platform to your specific needs is the game changer ― and cost-saver ― for many organizations.

Face time with Partners is key.

Several times a year, Credible’s executive management team and directors meet with Partner representatives to better understand your organization’s challenges, industry challenges, and market trends. Only with this Partnership can we truly help simplify your billing, reporting, compliance ― and your ability to provide a higher level of care.

Have you heard about their Partner Conference?

For the ultimate in Credible face time, the annual Partner Conference is a must-attend event. At this, the largest behavioral health user conference in the world, you’ll meet their executive leadership, hear leading industry experts, stay current with industry trends, network with peers, and witness a company-wide camaraderie that more resembles a family reunion than an industry conference.


Our Partners enjoy simpler billing, payment, and reporting.

Having a deep, real-world understanding of this industry helps us address Partners’ real-world issues – like day-to-day financial challenges.

Enjoy lower Total Cost of Ownership ASAP

Lower total cost of ownership is quickly apparent with Credible’s elegant and efficient platform. Using fully integrated, configurable and HIPAA-compliant billing module, Partners are getting paid faster and more reliably. Removing billing obstacles has its advantages – you’ll see.

99.5% clean bill rate.

That’s not a typo. Credible Partners consistently increase their clean bill rate as a direct result of using the billing module and Credible best practices. They also perform batching during daytime hours – with no limitation on batches per day. The goal is simple: optimize your billable services, collapse your payment cycle.

Outsourced billing, the ultimate Partnership.

For a deeper, more intrinsic relationship with Credible, we can work inside your organization to help you achieve reliable, accurate, and timely billing service with complete transparency. Working side by side, we can experience your billing and payer challenges firsthand – and work to resolve them, on the spot.

IT/EHR Admin

With Credible, your tech issues suddenly become non-issues.

As with all aspects of the Credible platform, the technology is thoroughly tested, proven, and relied upon by hundreds of Partner agencies nationwide.

The higher the level of tech, the higher your level of care.

Credible’s Information Technology (IT) team continually monitors and proactively adapts systems to ensure reliable, best-in-class service. Internal or external challenges, Partnership means we’re there to keep the technology performing, so you can perform your important work unhindered.

Log in. Navigate. Care. Repeat.

Every day tens of thousands of Credible Partners navigate through hundreds of essential functions to provide quality care for their clients. If you’ve got a browser, you’ve got the power to help others – while helping your operation.

Security that exceeds the highest government standards.

Expect only the most securely managed servers, continuous SSL encryption, and two-factor authentication with the Credible platform. On their watch, your data can’t be safer, more secure, or more HIPAA-compliant.

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