We have been helping behavioral health organizations work better and smarter for over twenty years. We are EHR consultants focused on our clients’ success.

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Identify gaps and create efficiencies. Do you know the health of your organization? Operations are dynamic and practices can shift over time
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We partner with people, not platforms. Your EHR software may be capable, but it is your people who will ensure the success of your organization.
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Fully integrate your EHR software solution. A software platform can’t stand alone. To work for you it needs to be effectively integrated with your people and processes.
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Customize and create actionable reporting solutions. Reporting puts key information in a clear and actionable format in front of managers and decision makers.
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What Challenges Are You Facing?

BIS helps behavioral health organizations optimize their EHR software solutions through expert consultation and training. How can we help you optimize your organization?

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EHR Consultants Industry News

Maximize Resources in Human Service Organizations

Maximize Resources in Human Service Organizations

In the last five years, there has been an explosion of interest in the importance of resources for both nonprofit organizations and social enterprises. Nonprofits need to be able to access enough resources to fulfill their mission, while also using them efficiently, so that they can maximize impact with limited budgets.  In this piece we…

New Year, New Finances For Your Behavioral Health Agency

New Year, New Finances For Your Behavioral Health Agency

As the new year approaches, many organizations take the opportunity to reflect on the past year and make plans for the future.  Behavioral health agencies are essential for providing care and support to individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues. However, like any other business, these agencies also need to be financially sustainable in…